You know you’re a real photographer when:

You know you’re a real photographer when:

Your equipment costs more than your car.
You often lay on the ground (in public) to get a different perspective (in the middle of the sidewalk or street). You no longer even acknowledge the weird looks you receive.
You have gotten wet trying to get a particular shot.
You have risked your life or hurt yourself trying to get a particular shot.
You have been stopped by the police/security/paranoid citizen for shooting.
You have been prosecuted for trespassing because “it looked better from over there.”
You have the photo/video page on craigslist in your quicklinks.
You own more cameras than pairs of shoes.
You’ve dropped a piece of equipment that is more expensive than the sum of what is in your bank account.
– You’re still paying for that particular incident.
You have access to a camera 90% of the time. You curse yourself during the other 10%.
You have pulled your car over more than once to get a shot when driving only a few miles away.
You have a tan line from the camera strap.
You have taken pictures of your lens cap.
You’ve sold your services or a print to someone you are not related to/best friends with.
You are able to manually focus and shoot without dropping your cigarette.
You’ve defrosted your battery in the car’s defrost before because it got so cold in the winter that the battery wouldn’t work.
You use your household vacuum to clean your sensor!
–  REALLY!!!! Has anyone done this?
You have multiple packets of silica gel in your camera bag…and you live in Colorado…
You’ve gotten on top of your car to gain a little extra height for a shot.
You curse and swear when people walk into the scene when you’re just about to shoot, especially a nice landscape.
When your friends are tired of getting their picture taken for portrait shots.

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  1. Steve E June 6, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    This is fantastic! love the “You know” stuff and “what you don’t say…”

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